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Quality of life is always an important consideration. As we get older, it's even more important. Often it gets harder to manage on our own, or we need a little more help than we currently receive. Choosing to live in a care home can make a dramatic difference to our general quality of life.

  • Residential Care

    "I found the care my wife received the best I could have wished for. The staff were marvellous."

    At Lincombe Manor, our facilities and services include luxury accommodation, delicious food, individual support, discreet personal care (such as bathing and dressing) and access to a wide variety of social activities.

    We offer a specialist service to the NHS; re-ablement activities which include therapeutic and cognitive exercise to maintain wellbeing. Additionally there is a committed focus on residents' psychological and spiritual needs.

    Our highly trained and dedicated staff team, plus state of the art facilities offer a wonderful quality of life. A friendly atmosphere throughout the home adds to a real sense of communty and belonging. We understand there are other Torquay care homes but we strive to be the choice care home for Torquay.

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  • Convalescent care and short breaks

    Everyone deserves a little time out to relax and recuperate. Whether you are a carer or are in need of permanent care yourself, taking a break from your usual routine can do wonders.

    Our convalescent care and short breaks are very popular, especially given the picturesque location of this beautiful home. As a carer you can relax, knowing that your relative or friend is in a safe, welcoming environment with first-class care tailored to their needs.

    A convalescent stay gives many people their first opportunity to experience the excellent service and social benefits of living in a Manor Life home. Although convalescent and re-ablement stays are always short term, should a more permanent stay become necessary they give great insight and reassurance to all involved.

    Convalescent care is also ideal for those who are well enough to leave hospital but not yet well enough to return home. This intermediate care and support allows those seeking to regain or relearn skills that may have been lost by immediately returning to their own home. Ultimately improving the service users confidence and ability to live independently again. However we believe once part of the Lincombe family you will always be welcome back and encourage you to visit whenever you want.

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  • End of life care

    At Lincombe Manor Care Centre, the best standard of care is given to the people we support at all stages of their lives. This is especially important when it comes to our end-of-life services.

    Our nurse led team work with highly skilled, multi-disciplinary professionals to provide 24 hour specialist care to end stage illnesses. In these difficult times the Lincombe Manor environment offers the appropriate space, tranquillity and carers. The highest quality of care and attention is given, this includes pain management, physical, psychological and spiritual care, as well as emotional support.

    All of these components come together to provide crucial support needed by the individual, their family and friends.

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  • Assisted living

    We all want to maintain our independence as we get older. A great way to achieve this is choosing to live in a Manor Life assisted or independent living apartments. These are purpose-built living spaces with stunning interior design are lush, comfortable and carefully maintained. In addition to that they are close to care and support should the owner ever need it.

    A menu of supplementary services is also on offer, covering catering and chores such as laundry or treatments like chiropody, physiotherapy and hairdressing. Meanwhile, although privacy is always respected, social activities enable everyone to get involved and enjoy interacting within their community.

    One of the things most appreciated about our assisted living service is the peace of mind it allows. The people we support are encouraged to continue living independently within the wider setting of a ready-made community, this opens up opportunities such as new hobbies and friends. Meanwhile, family can feel safe in the knowledge that their loved ones are never far from assistance, should the need arise.

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“Not just a care home, but a way of life that enables individuals the same choice and independence that we all hope for in our later years”